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Can Being Patient At My Job Help Me Succeed?

 Can Being Patient at my job help me succeed? Patience is a key ingredient to becoming successful at your Blue Collar job and beyond in my opinion. Have a listen to this episode of the Blue Collar Bossman 

How To Be More Positive On The Job

 How to be more positive on the job. Are you having a hard time getting to the next level or working with other people? Maybe you need a healthy dose of positivity! Check out this video and try my suggestion to help you be more positive because I know it can help you in the workplace and Beyond! This is part of a series of employee training videos that I will be doing. 

Can Social Media Affect My Blue Collar Job?

 Can Social Media Affect My Blue Collar Job? It Absolutely can! Today I want to tell you about some of the effects Social Media can have on your Blue Collar job. Success Starts Now! Let's Get To Work! 


What The Heck Is Work Ethic

 Have you have ever heard the term "Work Ethic" and thought, what the heck is that and how do I get it?....... Or if you have heard of it and you're wondering if it can help you succeed at your Blue Collar job, ....Well, I'm about to tell you in this episode of the Blue Collar Bossman! 

Why You Should Take Pride In Your Work

 Today I talk about one of the foundations of success in the workplace, Taking pride in your work!