My Monster jam career

The Beginning

I officially started working for Monster Jam in 2000. I started as a mechanic and became a crew chief rather quickly due to my mechanical background. In 2002 I became a driver for Monster Jam and was very fortunate to have great success in the driver seat as well. Although I did switch teams a few times throughout my career, I came back to Monster jam in 2010 with a goal! I knew I couldn't drive Monster Jam trucks forever so I started to think about a management role and how I could make a difference in the overall performance of the Monster Jam team and equipment. So, because I genuinely care about the continued improvement of Monster Jam and everyone involved in building and maintaining this "Monster" of a business, the team around me helped me progress from the Shop Foreman position, to the Shop Manager and in 2016 to now, the Fleet Operations Director! 

The Goal

Yes , you read that right! My co-workers and managers believed in me whether I did or not. You see, all I knew was that I wanted to make things better. Because I started from the bottom and had seen just how hard this job was and the ridiculous hours we had to work. I just wanted to fix it!

The Team

Now, thanks to the management team that we have in place, we have fixed a ton of those issues ! But we all know that change always creates more challenges to overcome so we are always busy coming up with new solutions. You see, I am a true believer in teamwork! We can accomplish a few great things by ourselves, but we can accomplish anything with a team of "Like minded people"!

I won't go into detail here with my personal accomplishments as a Monster Jam driver because I want to do that with pictures and videos. My intentions for this page on the website is to share pictures that start all the way back to the beginning of my Monster Jam career to now.  

Thanks Y'all



    I am no longer employed by Monster Jam due to a complicated medical condition. I will be posting a video in the future to further explain.  

CVH New Orleans 2013

One of my favorite freestyle videos!

Big Air of The Week

St. Louis Highlight Video