My Journey into Real Estate Investing

Why Real Estate

 Well, It's a long story but here is the condensed version. I guess you could say a "light bulb" came on a couple of years ago and woke me up to the realization that I was not going to have enough money to retire. And, this problem was created by me so I needed to fix it! Even though the company I work for has a great 401k plan I started mine way too late to even think about retirement at 65 or even 70! This was essentially the driving force behind my initial thoughts as to what I could do to find a solution to my problem. And, I do still enjoy my job as Monster Jam Director of Fleet Operations but asking them to double my salary would be quite a ridiculous expectation. 

My Research

 So, I started researching all types of investing to see if I could somehow speed up the process. I looked at Stocks and there were some interesting options but to grow at the rate I needed they were just to risky. That's when I started looking into Real Estate. I found that you have a lot more options and that you also have more  control as long as you BUY RIGHT and have a FULL UNDERSTANDING of what you're doing. 

Plus, I could have a tangible asset that I could drive by and see if I wanted, not some stock that I have to get up every morning and watch the ticker and hope for the best! 

  So, once I decided that Real Estate was the only thing that made logical sense to me I started doing my research. Hours and hours after work and on weekends reading books, watching videos, attending the local Real Estate Investors meeting by Jason Brown, and listening to Real Estate investing podcasts to and from work. The best thing about it was not only was this my best option but I was really interested in it and truly enjoyed learning about it.

Taking Action

 From there I was involved in my first transaction with a Single family house and went on to build my website and my new brand Although, things were looking good in the single family market, thanks to the help from Jason Brown, I started to see that I still needed to speed up the process to accomplish my goals. Given that I still have to work a full time job, my time was limited which meant that I would have to find a way to be more efficient. That's when Multifamily property became a goal! If I only have so much time to look for and make offers on property I had to go bigger. That's when I reached out to my new friend Tyler Sheff for help. Tyler has a podcast called "Cashflow Guys" and has several years of experience in Real Estate. I signed up for Tyler's course "Mailbox Money Mastermind" and learned everything I needed to know to get started. Best of all, he still takes my calls when I have questions even though the training is done. lol. I have since reached the point where I can locate, negotiate, and manage Multifamily assets and provide a valuable service to investors that have funds but lack experience.